TapCars Craigslist Inventory Posting Program

Craigslist is still a key player for consumers looking to buy used cars. Your inventory may be on Craigslist, but can consumers find your cars on Craigslist?

This is where TapCars comes in – our research produces the best results on Craigslist, ensuring your potential customers can easily find your cars at the top of Craigslist search results every time. Move your inventory faster with the TapCars Craigslist Posting Program.

What is the TapCars Craigslist Postings Program

TapCars Craigslist postings is a managed service that posts all your used car inventory on Craigslist where your customers are looking. TapCars does more than just create a listing – we make sure to capture lead information from:

  • Sent Emails
  • Tracked Phone Calls
  • Text Messages
  • Links to Credit Applications

Craigslist Leads Directly to Your Inbox & CRM

Our Craigslist used car listings pages are optimized to drive massive traffic from Craigslist search and a high volume of leads per car.  Our ads are search optimized to match what the user is searching for – resulting in a higher quality leads for your used cars.

Our service can automatically send leads to your CRM or send emails to your sales team.  More than a name and phone number, our lead generation program can include*:

  • Specific Car
  • Recorded Voice Mail
  • Credit Application*
  • Employer & Monthly Income*
  • And More…

Interactive Dashboard to Measure Success

The TapCars reporting platform displays all your listing and lead activity into a single/easy to use dashboard. We’ll calculate views and cost per lead for you. Listen to inbound calls from our tracking numbers and view all your ads. Want to export and/or email reports to show off the success of your Craigslist ad program? Automate the delivery of reports and focus on selling cars.

Does your dealership use more than TapCars Posting Services for auto inventory marketing? Connect your other marketing services and compare all of your data in a single location. The TapCars Interactive Dashboard is an important asset for understanding the success of your marketing programs. A truly undervalued benefit of the TapCars Posting Platform.

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