Don’t Make Them Work! Be Available to Digital Car Buyers.

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Be Available. Be Where the Car Buyers are Shopping!

Car shoppers used to be loyal to car brands and got their information from one source – the auto dealership. But times have changed, and gone are the days when consumers would go from auto dealership to dealership looking for the right car to purchase. Now, with multiple digital devices at their fingertips, car shoppers are able to ask questions and do research before even setting foot on the lot! Purchasing a car is a very considered decision for car shoppers; so how has car shopping changed with the digital world? The average car shopper today makes only 2 dealerships visits before purchasing a vehicle. It used to be that people looking to buy a car would find a deal, research it online, and then go to a dealership to test drive and purchase a car.  Now, although there are still ads, car shoppers are less influenced by them – and more influenced by their own digital and mobile research, comparisons, and pricing. Even getting real time advice from resources and dealerships! According to Google Trends, auto shoppers use an average of 18.2 different sources of information from TV, news articles, online, family, etc. before finally forming their final decision.

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Today’s Dealership

Before the dealership visit, car shoppers are making decisions and forming their opinions based on their digital and mobile research. That’s why it’s important for dealerships to be omnipresent in these moments — if a dealership wants to stay in the consideration pool! Meaning that automotive dealerships need to be available online where ever and whenever car buyers are shopping. In addition to being available to car shoppers, dealerships need to be providing useful information; car reviews, YouTube videos, location, and contact information, etc., so the car shopper can easily locate them. Being useful online is important as most car shoppers enter the market unsure of what car to buy. Initially, car shoppers might start by asking friends or family for their opinions on what to buy or research car review sites. According to a TNS Media Consumption Report, research is showing car buyers being heavily influenced by YouTube videos when shopping for cars – 70% of car shoppers had watched a YouTube video when car shopping—more than TV, newspapers or magazines.

Car Buying Research

After asking for advice and doing some initial research, car shoppers dive deeper and look to YouTube for a virtual test drives, research gas mileage, seating accommodations, and other personal assessments — and do a “reality check” to see if the vehicle they are interested in fits their lifestyle and needs. The time spent watching vehicle related YouTube video’s has more than doubled since 2015! Then it comes down to price and location. 70% of searches for car shopping on mobile include MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price), list prices, and “locate a dealership near me”. Of those searches “locate a dealership near me” has also doubled in the last year. Now it’s off to the lot!

Closing the Car Deal!

Half of all car shoppers use their mobile phones once they have arrived at the dealership. Although the vehicle they have come for has been carefully researched and selected – car shoppers also want to leave feeling like they also get the best deal. While at the lot, consumers are researching Kelly Blue Book and comparing prices offered by other car dealerships to use as leverage when sitting in the Finance office! So again, being prepared and knowing your role as the dealership in the purchase funnel is more important than ever!

Why Craigslist Postings are Challenging to Car Dealers

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Craigslist is NOT Dead

Some auto dealerships think Craigslist is dead – but that’s not the case! Car dealers must rely on digital tools to get the exposure they need to increase automotive revenue. Craigslist is a classified community and one of the best forums to sell used cars online — it has a simple interface, localized, and chronological listings that give the car shopper a sense of urgency to buy. Craigslist has also been an incredible source of leads for car dealers, but in 2013, Craigslist took criticism from dealerships when they started charging $5 for listings. This tactic was to keep dealerships from spamming Craigslist with multiple postings. Craigslist also states, in their Terms, that car dealerships can only post one car every 48 hours – this poses a problem for dealerships as they have many vehicles they are trying to move off the lot!

Craigslist Postings are Challenging to Car Dealers

Craigslist is ranked the #2 website in the US for inbound traffic (with Google ranked #1) that equates to 60 million users and more than 50 billion page views per month. Everyday these automotive dealers post their used car inventory, adding to the 80 million other ads posted by users each month. Craigslist was initially created as a community service tool, not to make automotive dealerships profitable. Over the years, there have been a significant number of posting issues car dealerships have had to overcome with selling inventory on Craigslist. Some of these issues include, but are not limited to, blocking IP addresses, car listings getting flagged, dealerships getting banned from posting, and multiple postings or posting to quickly.

TapCars Technology


Always Available – Reaching Customers in Every Channel

Because of the fee and posting issues, many dealerships left Craigslist, but those that stayed have reaped financial and lead benefits! That’s why it’s important to have a 3rd party service like TapCars! TapCars makes used car inventory distribution fast and easy with our posting platform. It is a managed service that posts your listing in places where customers are looking; Craigslist, Facebook, Pinterest, Backpage and beyond. Our data tuned landing pages and multi-channel coverage drive massive traffic and a high volume of leads per car.  TapCars can automatically populate your CRM or send emails to your sales team.  More than a name and phone number, our lead generation program can include*:

  • Specific car
  • Recorded Voice Mail
  • Credit Application*
  • Employer & Monthly Income*
  • And more…

The TapCars reporting platform displays all your listings and lead activity into a single/easy to use dashboard. Want to export and email reports? You can automate the delivery and focus on selling cars. We’ll calculate views and cost per lead for you.

Use more than TapCars Posting Services for marketing? Connect your other marketing services and compare all of your data in a single location. The TapCars Interactive Dashboard is an important asset for understanding the success of your marketing program spend. Ready to see how TapCars can improve the profitability of your dealership? Book a demo with us and see!

Auto Dealerships on Craigslist

With digital connectivity from our computers to our tablets and mobile, more automotive dealers are coming back to Craigslist every day as well as for the first time. If you are an automotive dealership that wants to move more inventory faster, now is the time.  With over 500,000 cars posted, TapCars technology is a proven marketing tactic utilized by dealerships across the U.S.

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