Why Dealers Love Craigslist

Colorful balloons, flags and inflatables were all it took get a car shoppers attention… oh the good old days! Today, auto dealers must rely on digital tools to get the exposure they need to increase automotive sales. Craigslist is a classified community and one of the best forums to sell used cars online — it has a simple interface, localized, and chronological listings that give the car shopper a sense of urgency to buy. Craigslist has been an incredible source of leads and revenue for car dealers, but in 2013, Craigslist took criticism from dealerships when they started charging them for listings.  However, the user experience improved dramatically as savvy automotive dealers realized that by reducing the total amount of cars posted on Craigslist, they would receive more exposure and new customers than they had before!

Craigslist Reach

Craigslist is ranked the 9th most visited site in the US (or 45th in the world) according to Infinite Prospects; with over 30 billion page views per month. Car shoppers go to Craigslist with the intention to buy; shopping for cars is one of the most popular searches on their website.  The average person spends roughly 13 minutes or more, per visit, when car shopping on Craigslist.

Craigslist attracts two kinds of car shoppers; those who are actively looking with an intent to buy and those that are browsing. Being that all micro moments of the car shopping experience are important — there is a key advantage to posting on Craigslist. According to Car and Driver the  #1 tip for a successful car buying experience on Craigslist is to hone your search. Craigslist allows users to configure their search results to include dealers, private sellers, or both. If a warranty, certified pre-owned status, or convenience is high on your list of priorities, you’ll want to restrict yourself to dealer listings, as there’s no reason to waste time scrolling through pages of clapped out Fox-body Mustangs and worn-out work trucks.

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Classifieds Postings

Craigslist is a great forum for classified listings, it is not always easy to keep updated if you are an auto dealership with a sizeable amount of used car inventory to sell. That’s where we come in, TapCars is trusted by some of the biggest names in automotive; from dealers and dealer groups and other vendors. The new Craiglist format brings personal and individual control to the table and makes it easier to focus on getting the right vehicles out there, with the right message. TapCars service delivers a product mix that generates qualified leads, improves inventory turn, and reduces marketing spend. This alllows dealerships to focus on selling cars – while leaving the marketing to us. TapCars posting technology reaches customers across all marketplaces & channels with attractive, informative, and user friendly display ads and easy programmatic distribution.

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Auto Dealerships on Craigslist

With digital connectivity from our computers to our tablets and mobile, more automotive dealers are coming back to Craiglist every day as well as for the first time. If you are an automotive dealership that wants to move more inventory faster, now is the time.  With over 500,000 cars posted, TapCars technology is a proven marketing tactic utilized by dealerships across the U.S. Get your free DEMO here: dealers.tapcars.com.

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