Evolution of Car Shopping

By March 31, 2016Car Buying


Connectivity Enhances Car Shopping

The car shopper of 2016 takes about 3 months to buy a car — often with the research process starting online.  Car shoppers will visit an auto dealership an average of two times before making a purchase; unlike 10 years prior, where the average car shopper would make 4.6 visits. Today, car shoppers rely heavily on social media and review sites to get advice, research makes and models, and to see which auto dealership has the best deal. In addition, car shoppers are filling out credit apps, working with auto payment calculators and using YouTube to take virtual test drives before even setting foot on the lot!

Car Shoppers are Researching More than Ever

This longer close cycle has a slower build up with a quick finish and requires dealerships and manufacturers to be omnipresent and synchronized across multiple marketing platforms. A study, by Digital Air Strike, includes findings from 2,000 car buyers and 2,000 service customers who either purchased or serviced a vehicle within the previous six months. The study covers all major U.S. geographic regions and represents domestic and foreign automotive brands, with even distribution across age and gender groups. The study concluded that 75 percent of car buyers and 68 percent of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership – surpassing all other mediums including dealership websites which ranked highest with only 16 percent of car buyers (down from 19 percent in 2014 and 24 percent in 2013).

Influential Car Shoppers

In addition to social media, car shoppers are reading blogs, forums  and review sites like Quora, Kelly Blue Book, and Car and Driver, and watch auto review videos on YouTube for advice. When it comes to car shopping, social media sites and online research are a clear major influence in the decision making process. Although, car shoppers are also likely to reach out to friends and family, who are knowledgeable or passionate about cars, influencing their decision making process.

Increasing Dealer Interaction with Car Shoppers

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