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By March 31, 2016Car Selling


According to a Cobalt Business Study report,  automotive dealers with “higher VIN views” increased their sales. The buzz phrase in social media has been “More VDP (Vehicle Details Page) views, more sales”. Understanding the VIN process can help you be more efficient with your digital marketing efforts, by becoming more aware of the used car sales cycle, which will ultimately increase profitibility.

Based on an eight month study of 9 million Vehicle Details Page Views, 125 million website visits, and 250 million online actions, Cobalt’s automotive consumer research showed that Vehicle Details Page Views and time spent on VDP’s are 2 of the top 4 online sales predictors. Also, VDP’s with 20-30 page views spend 29% less time on the lot. And lastly, VDP’s with more than 30 page views spend 44% less time on the lot. Want to be a VIN factory? Look to TapCars to increase ROI.

TapCars differentiates itself by also providing dedicated landing pages for every car, mobile-friendly sites, QR codes, call tracking and photo galleries that measurably drives vehicle-specific car buyers to your reps and CRM.  Furthermore, TapCars metrics can help used car dealerships quickly assess the quality of their leads and the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns. For us, the best way to visualize this is through the TapCars Advanced Marketing Analytics Dashboard — which brings together all of your digital spend allowing you to maximize the power of each campaign.

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