Online Classifieds: Where the Money Went (And How Some are Getting It Back)

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Thursday, Sep 25, 2014 Borrell Associates and TapAnalytics partnered to provide the webinar: “Online Classifieds: Where the Money Went (And How Some are Getting It Back)”.

Here are some highlights, and the chance to view it for yourself!


Speakers were Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates Inc. and Jeff Herr and Babak Hedayati of TapClicks (TapAnalytics/ TapClassifieds).

The agenda included:

  • Perspective on Digital Classifieds
  • Revenue Guidance: How Much?
  • Best Practice Examples
  • The Emerging Business Model
  • Issues and results

Digital Revenue by Segment:

Interesting revenue information emerged across various markets:


And poses the question: “Have You Adapted?”

  • The Listings Model has changed
  • The Exposure Model has changed
  • The Sales Approach has changed
  • Performance Demands have changed


From Lead Generation to Full Agency:

Yes, driving leads is the big first step. Then digital marketers can grow full of there digital agency offerings including:  Leads + Search + Direct Display Marketing + Social + Email.

Much of this comprehensive approach is all new for clients and the sales team! But with TapAnalytics you can be prepared to show clear results to optimize, retain, and up sell over time.


In summary, the webinar found that most classified marketplaces are chaos due to:

  • Unique “plays” in each market
  • New and changing rules and terms
  • Lots of search spam
  • Legitimacy issues
  • No links, no images
  • Terms of use
  • Fees

But remember: Chaos = Opportunity!

For More Information:

The webinar recording and slide deck are available to view here:

You can contact speakers for further information at:

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