Automatically Add Used Car Inventory to Facebook

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TapCar’s Facebook Inventory Listing Widget

Build a social following or post inventory on your Facebook timeline? This question posed a difficult challenge for any dealer that wanted to build a comprehensive social strategy & ensure that consumers could see what cars they had available. The new TapCars Facebook Inventory Widget solves this dealer specific social marketing challenge.

TapCars Changes How Inventory is Posted on Facebook

With the TapCars Facebook Widget, we connect your inventory feed to our widget, and consumers can browse through your inventory without ever leaving your page. Best of all, the widget is added as a new tab – allowing your marketing team to continue building your brand without compromising eyeballs for single car posts.

Facebook Inventory Tab - as shown on dealership wall

Did We Mention It’s Free?

Current TapCars customers can have their new Facebook Inventory Tab added for free. Follow our short 3-Step Quick Start Guide to get started. Your cars are posted and removed automatically as soon as they come out of your feed. No maintenance required!

Common Questions About the Facebook Inventory Tab

  • Do we (dealership) still control our Facebook Page?
    • Absolutely. This new feature only requires permission to provide information to your page – which comes from the same data feed used for your posting services.
  • What cars are included in this new tab?
    • The Facebook Inventory page uses the same criteria for posting that we use for craigslist, pinterest, etc.
  • Can I still post individual cars to my news feed?
    • Sure thing. Since you control your Facebook page and news feed, you can continue to post anything you like.

How to Get Started

If you’re a current TapCars customer, see our Quick Start Guide to connect your Facebook account to our inventory widget.

If you’re not a TapCars Customer and want this Inventory Widget on your Facebook page, contact us for a demo or give us a call and we’ll get you set up right away.

Want More Used Car Leads?

Demo the TapCars Platform Today!

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Want More Used Car Leads?

Demo the TapCars Platform Today!

*we'll never share your information