Top 10 “shopping list” for buying a used vehicle on Craigslist

By March 31, 2016Car Buying
Top 10 “shopping list” for buying a used vehicle on Craigslist

Top 10 shopping list

Before purchasing a used vehicle on Craigslist there are a number of questions to consider. Asking the right questions online or at a dealership will help you purchase a “bargain” instead of a “lemon”. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – get prepared with this Top 10 used vehicle shopping list.

Top 10 questions to ask when shopping for a used vehicle on Craigslist or at the auto dealership:

  1. Why was the car traded in? Inspect the vehicle; exterior body, interior, and verify mileage.
  2. Ask for a CARFAX to see if there have been any accidents. And any maintenance/service records on the vehicle.
  3. How did the dealership acquire the vehicle? Why is the car not selling? Sometimes it can be something simple like the color, that can be used to help negotiate the price.
  4. Ask if the car was traded in for a later model? If so, it shows that the previous owner had confidence in the car/dealership and possibly just wanted a newer vehicle.
  5. Make sure the Title of the car is “For Sale by Owner”, not a salvaged vehicle.
  6. Ask if it is a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle or if it has an extended warranty.
  7. Take a test drive. Some dealerships even let you keep the car overnight!
  8. Find out if there are any incentives if you pay cash vs. credit card/financing. Some dealerships offer a percentage off for “cash” sales.
  9. Ask if the dealership accepts trade ins? It is much easier if you can trade your vehicle vs. trying to sell it after.
  10. Any outstanding recalls on the vehicle?
  11. And a bonus question – was the previous owner a smoker or pet owner?

There are many important questions to ask before considering purchasing a used car, doing your research online and asking some of these questions during the process can help make you a smart shopper! According to the fifth annual Digital Air Strike Automotive Social Media Trends Study 75% of car shoppers look to social media, and Craigslist, for researching and purchasing decisions.

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